The Cambridge Yoga FestivaL Line-up! 

Cambridge Yoga Festival brings together some of the best teachers in the Cambridge region for a life-giving programme of classes, workshops, talks and more. Read about just some of our teachers here and make sure to get your spot at the Festival!


James Downs

James is an experienced teacher of yoga, barre and mindfulness practices. In September 2020 he set up Yoga Project as a community rooted in movement, growth and connection.

James also trains teachers undertaking their 200hr certification, and offers continuing professional development as a registered Continuing Education Provider with Yoga Alliance International. He is known for dynamic and creative practices often featuring live music and psychologically-informed themes.

Aside from yoga, James is a mental health campaigner, researcher and expert by experience in mental health and eating disorders. He holds various roles at the Royal College of Psychiatrists and NHS England aimed at improving support for those experiencing mental health problems and eating disorders and their carers. He's currently studying a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology.


James also represents various UK mental health charities such as MQ Mental Health, Beat and Mind. He has written extensively about his own experiences with the hope that those who read his work find comfort, affirmation and hope.


Andrea Kwiatkowski

Andrea’ Radhika ‘ is an Advanced Jivamukti certified teacher, and a mentor on the Jivamukti teacher training , a 500hr Senior yoga alliance teacher and  Level 2 Yin  yoga teacher with Insight yoga. She is also certified to teach Restorative yoga. You can find her classes at Santosha Yoga.

Andrea is known for her passionate, dynamic and inspirational teaching that incorporates both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga from the lineage of her gurus Sharon Gannon And David Life. Her classes integrate deep bhakti infused practices with the application of precise alignment and deep spiritual  intention.


Andrea believes yoga can enable us to create self-awareness, acceptance and compassion for living a full and spiritual life. Being a passionate vegetarian/  vegan since the age of 14 she includes this philosophy into her teaching.


Amy Holly

Amy has worked in every aspect of dance as a dancer, choreographer, movement director and teacher for more than 20 years and has been responsible for making the careers of many young dancers. She originally trained at London Contemporary Dance School and worked as Dance Development co-ordinator for Cambridgeshire 2011 - 2015.


Amy runs weekly classes in Harlton, and she heads up CAMYOGA's Barre team and her website is here.

Amy would describe herself as a dance/movement specialist. Keeping the traditions of teaching ballet, the discipline and the importance of technique and moving it forward is crucial to her. Her approach is more than exercise, it's a way of looking at life and yourself.

Amy choreographed the Stella McCartney Adidas campaign in 2013


Janine Tandy 

Janine is a passionate and dedicated teacher in the practices of Yin yoga/Self Inquiry and Yang (Vinyasa) Yoga.


She is also a lifelong student of these heart centered practices, staying deeply connected to them with her continued study with Ty and Sarah Powers, through their mentorship and study in their Insight Yoga Institute. She concentrates on blending her meditation and depth psychology training with these yoga practices to bring a more therapeutic approach to her classes. 

In addition to her 15 years of teaching, Janine is also a Licensed Health Coach from the Institutes for Integrative Nutrition, specializing in Digestive Wellness, and holds a Master of Public Health degree from New York University. Her philosophy on curating a balanced, healthy life integrates this experience coupled with a unique approach to her students bio-individuality.


Liv Haskey 

Liv has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. On and off, it was something that she gravitated towards for a chance to unwind, challenge herself and move her body. It wasn't until she was diagnosed with Crohn's disease that she really noticed what practicing meant to her. 


She turned to yoga more regularly and it became a part of her every day life. Her practice of Asana, breathwork and meditation helped to build her strength and resilience both physically and mentally whilst managing her chronic illness.


She left her stressful career in the fashion industry to train as a yoga teacher so that she could share her love of the practice with others. Liv feels that yoga is about expressionism, letting go and connecting back to the body, breath and mind. Find out more about her classes on her website!


Olivia Bailey

Olivia is a passionate, energetic and empathetic yogi, with a desire to inspire. 


Her love for movement started early having pursued dance and other sports. Olivia's yoga inquiry began at university focusing on the physical movement using her body as a way expressing herself and moving fluidly. Her interest in yoga developed as she discovered the my mind, body and breath connection. 


Olivia graduated in 2020 from the school YogaLondon and continues to study yoga specialising in Yoga Nidra and Pregnancy Yoga. In addition to yoga qualifications she have an honours degree in Psychology from King’s College London with publication in the British Journal of Health Psychology. 


Olivia's mission as a teacher is to provide a holistic and diverse class entwining the physical with the spiritual that is accessible to all abilities. Yoga IS for everyone and that is something she strives for in her teaching. 


Felicity Pearce


Felicity is a one-of-a-kind teacher providing classes to remember!


She started teaching because she wanted other people to be able to experience what she has gained from yoga. 


Over the years, Felicity's practice and teaching has moulded and changed, just as life does. But she believes that yoga practice gets us to meet ourselves right where we are and that this helps us to build connection.

In her classes Felicity aims to share her enthusiasm for yoga was well as her extensive knowledge and personal experience, encouraging students to explore the sensations in their body, build that true and honest connection to what they are feeling physically, energetically and emotionally in this moment.


Try Felicity's class if you are curious about making shapes and have the courage to explore, and you will grow in connection as well as your practice.





Rachael Moore

Yoga has been fairly constant in Rachael's life for the past 22 years and she has been teaching Flow, Pregnancy and Restorative for the past 13 years.

Over the years the practice has evolved from being rooted simply in the physical realm to something far more profound and powerful. Rachael believes that a regular yoga practice can provide us a soft place to land, replenish, fortify and find a little respite from the business of ‘life’.  Even when life feels overwhelming and full of uncertainty, our practice can become an opportunity to foster an awareness of our body and breath, which in turn can become a powerful tool in increasing a sense of ease, balance and wellbeing.  

Rachael's yoga practice and classes continue to evolve into a more holistic embodied and intentional style where curiosity leads the way. The focus is less on the physical postures and more on the overall effect the practice has on mind, body and spirit. The intention is to cultivate tools for wellbeing that extend beyond the mat.  From here we can begin to recalibrate our nervous system back towards a place of balance so as we can experience life in its full tapestry of technicolour.


Kelly Briggs

Kelly is a Cambridge based artist who explores ideas of consciousness and connection. Through screen printing, interactive sculpture, painting and film Briggs explores the neuroscience of biophilia – the human drive to connect and communicate with nature. Briggs attempts to capture the ‘soul’ or ‘essence’ of the beauty we experience in the natural world and the interconnectedness of life. 

During her workshop we will respond to our experience of the space and the music we hear through expressive mark making. The workshop is an opportunity to let go of the idea of outcome and focus on the process. 

Everyone is welcome! Wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty. 


See more of Kelly's work here. 

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